Life is Not Meant to be Easy

2010 June,Butterfly

This past week as I was working on a task, I said to my daughter, “I just wish things came easy once.” To which she replied, “Mom, life’s not meant to be easy.” Such wisdom out of the mouth of a seventeen year old. The truth is….she’s right. God does not say in His word that everything will be a bed of roses.

Just like a caterpillar struggles to grow and mature as he emerges from his chrysalis, we at times also go through a  process of struggling through the hard of life. We have times of  uncomfortableness, and pain to mature and grow into something new.

In the midst of the growth I don’t want to miss out on the blessings in the process. Sometimes it’s so easy to get stuck in the rut of complaining that,  I/we can miss the beauty of the butterfly that emerges from the struggle.

How do you keep your eyes focused on the blessings given by God?

Every Monday at A Holy Experience we are counting 1000 of the beautiful gifts that God has given us in the year 2012. Won’t you join us?
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300. Our family winning suite tickets to see the Seahawks play in Seattle. Whoo Hoo!
301. My nephew Jason and his love for racing.
302. Planning our trip to Seattle to celebrate out 20th wedding anniversary.
303. Spending time with my older brother Steve.
304. Getting ready to launch a series called “Legacies”, on Leaving A Legacy next week.
305. Prepairing our new link up called “Legacy Leavers” that will start on Thursday, June 21st.
306. Going to an anniversary party to celebrate 60 years of marriage.
307. Being able to spend the summer with my kids and not having to work.
308. Turkey dinner, with mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing.

309. Being able to contribute an article for the summer issue of Woman to Woman Magazine, and have it arrive in the mail this week.  Another Whoo Hoo!  This is a Christian magazine put together by a group of amazing women, please take a moment to check it out!

310. Developing a relationship with sisters in Christ who are fellow bloggers.

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Many Blessings~


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  1. says

    Shari, your daughter has such wisdom. Things are not always meant to be easy but praise God, He is always there to walk by our side giving us guidance.

    Love your list! Especially #309, thank you for writing your article, it is wonderful!

    Blessings my friend.

  2. says

    What a beautiful space you have here! (And beautiful message as well). Stopping by from the Multitudes On Mondays link up. Glad I did. :)

    With love, Rebecca.